January 2013 Life…

This month seems filled with randomness, and we are only nine days in…

I got new tires on my car!.. Expensive, but I love that I can feel the difference in the way it handles! I also was able to get my windshield washer/squirters fixed so I am no longer in danger of not being able to see through the dirt! My excitement is only an indication of the fact that I am solidly an adult now haha

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day planning and putting together trainings (FINALLY!). I mean, let’s be honest, I have had this on my to-do list for 2 months now. I was also able to (again finally) jot down the basic topics I need to write a script for in order to complete the trainings.. Dang it. I hate when I do not have the time to do things exactly how I want when I need to be organized and linear. Instead I will be forced to complete the written portions of these trainings, and send them to my focus group sans the much more helpful videos explaining things… Oh well, such is my life currently I suppose.

I had a revelation last night, and not that this will surprise anyone who knows me I guess, but I hate and get incredibly agitated when people I am talking to are clearly misunderstanding me, but do no try and understand what I mean, and instead they just argue with what I am saying.. Which just leaves me to know full well we are not understanding each other, but also having no clue how to communicate my point better. So. Frustrating.

I know that I am like that obnoxious cat lady.. or the new parent who thinks their child is the most adorable thing on the planet.. But, I cannot express how much having my puppy makes my temperament better when I am stressed. That is when he is not stressing out too and subsequently having accidents in my house. However, he does little things like squeeze himself between me and whatever I am standing in front of, just to stand there until I pet him. It makes me laugh.

He also does this when he’s missed me:

Vormund laying on my lap before bed.
Melt. My. Heart.

… However, there are times he makes me lose my mind, like last Friday night/Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon when he was clearly stressed out/having bladder issues and having accidents every few minutes… Ugh. — And, then there are the times that he makes my heart race, like this morning, when we walked outside and he barked the deepest bark and growled unlike any noise I have ever heard come out of him.. Scared. Me. So. Bad… talk about a “GOOD MORNING” call — all because the maintenance guy was putting salt down (*facepalm*)! Thankfully he listened and stopped when I covered his mouth and told him it was fine and he was a good boy, but needed to stop barking lol…

And, not to be a complainer.. But, this is the longest winter I have had in 5 years… Which doesn’t bode well since realistically we have only had 3 weeks of snow (if that), and we have another 2 months at the very least! However, thankfully, it has been sunny the last couple days!.. But, I absolutely must find at least ONE thing I like/love about winter in the north.

I am starting to read the Bible in a year today.. although, technically the plan doesn’t start until the 15th, I am going to go ahead an get a jump start on it today.

What a strange and unique year this is going to be if the first 9 days are any indication…

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