Toying With Possibilities…

I have been toying with the idea in my head to change things up a bit… Shocker right?

Although really, the change would only take place online, and it would be in the form of creating a new blog and website for myself… But, it would be change none the less.

I love blogging, I love sharing my thoughts and life with the digital realm. But, mostly I love the people that my blog connects me to. I love how God uses this platform and medium to speak to the hearts of people (not just the one I write, but soo many others).

For example, I am considering doing something a little bit more like my online friend Renee Fischer, or like this collection of women, or even still like this blog for new or soon to be marrieds. Obviously it would be like these in terms of the fact that it would become more dynamic and engaging, but it would be in my flare and style.

Honestly though, my biggest worry against making this move is my ability to move all of my 700+ posts to this new site. I mean, as much as I love change, this blog is an intimate history and chronological description of God’s story in my life… it would have to come with me. Although, I am fairly certain I can make the transition… But, it would of course take work and time to make the move.

However, the thought of making the transition and exploring what it would look like to invest more in my writing online.. I like this thought just because I have talked to people and received numerous e-mails or messages about how much a particular post helped someone. I love that. In the moments and times when I have nothing to share or I hurt too deeply to express well, I write and put whatever I can out there because there is a chance that it might impact someone else.

How could I say no if all of this work sews just one seed for Jesus?.. Or waters just one fertile plant? Or encourages someone struggling? Or reminds someone they are loved unconditionally? Or helps someone express forgiveness? Or gives words to the voiceless?.. How could I choose not to write if just one post has the chance to change someone’s eternal life?

No, I will continue to write, because what if?…

The real choice now is do I stay here or migrate and give myself more possibilities?

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