Starting Fresh…

So, I have officially made the transition over to a new platform! I am not entirely sure

Latest hair change!

Latest hair change!

how this will all begin to unfold, and if it is anything like most of my posts, it will still focus on the things rolling around in my head or planted in my heart.

However, a few changes, obviously there is more information about myself. This is on purpose, and I intend on cultivating my “brand”… I am not entirely sure what this will look like in the future, but I feel it is the next step for me. The site is not completed  yet, but it has a foundational start and will be expounded upon as I have time (and inspiration).

Also, I will be including guest posts.. Although, I have not formulated what that will entail entirely, but eventually it will come out.

Starting fresh always feels like a good thing, a spring cleaning of sorts (in the bitter cold on January), however, despite starting fresh, I have imported the posts from my previous blog because honestly it was a little sad to think that I would be without the last four years of history documented.

So, we shall see how this fresh start begins to develop… After I finish figuring out how to post and do things correctly!

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