Frozen Mitten…

So, apparently winter has officially “hit” in the mitten state, as in, it has been 0 degrees before the windchill. (painful)

This is the longest and now the coldest winter I have had in five years! Sounds ridiculous, but I am totally serious.

Yet, in the midst of freezing my butt off, and avoiding gassing up my car as long as possible in hopes of the temperatures returning to a reasonable number, I have a few thoughts that have been sparked by the cold:

  • Going on a winter retreat with a bunch of teens is cold, fun, hysterical, and completely unpredictable. – And possibly completely worth the bitter temps…
  • My 70+lbs pup’s body temperature is warmer than mine.. therefore he is getting trained to warm me up when we return inside from our (mostly brief) walks.
  • I cannot express how thankful I am that my pups does not want to play in the snow for long.
  • I love the heat of summer infinitely more than the cold of winter because heat never just hurts like cold does.
  • I. Am. So. Thankful. For a working heater in my apartment.
  • I need to get a new pair of gloves… And, possibly a snow suit for every day use… And potentially, more thermal socks…

Due to the sub-zero temps, I have been reading, doing homework, and watching movies more than I have in winters past… So, at least I am being productive! But, I keep trying to console myself with the idea that I will be shocked at how quickly spring comes…

Spring flowers!

Spring flowers!


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