Overcast With a Chance of Frog

Me on the Great WallI spent the last couple weeks in an East Asia country, and the next few posts will be about various aspects of that trip! You will quickly be able to figure out which country I am speaking of, but I am choosing to not name it specifically, on purpose, and I ask that you not comment with the specific name either… There is a reason for this, one of which I cannot directly mention, but just know that it has to do with the big man upstairs, and the type of government and control the country I visited has.

This was the first time I have visited a non-third world country, and it was a lot the same in some ways (such as squatty potties, and some retched smells in the large cities), and totally different in other ways (hello smog/fog…translated accidentally into frog).

I found out once again that my natural reaction to trying to communicate in a foreign language is to fall back on Spanish.. “Ni Hao…” “Hola!..” *facepalm* Thankfully, most of the time I was able to catch myself before I responded in a totally different language haha

I have never been so intensely interested in bathroom facilities.. Western toilets are a wonderful and lovely thing!

I have never thought a bathroom could smell better than a food court… Uhm. Ew.

Who knew that red beans could be used for more than Mexican food… Much less in a shake, and taste, not horrible. lol

I was able to cross off seeing the Great Wall from my bucket list!.. Not to mention a few other famous places that I was oblivious even existed before this trip!

I found a camera hidden behind a mirror (without snooping behind the mirror), I was able to see the recording light by standing in front of it. It was a sobering reality of the government control/snooping, and a slightly amusing realization that they likely saw a foreigner’s butt…

Internet use is frustrating at best, and if by chance you put in the wrong word choice for files or in an e-mail, suddenly a website doesn’t work, the internet shuts down or goes so insanely slow that you just get annoyed and give up. All of the rumors you’ve heard about the content control is no joke, and the stories are likely true!

Foreigners are watched constantly, and if you have blue eyes you will likely be asked to take a picture with someone.. Ironically my pink stripe got very little attention haha

The locals take pictures ALL THE TIME… and the peace sign is a local girl favorite pose.. Not even kidding.

Fashion is unique, and I am not sure what some of the people are thinking when they get dressed in the morning. Seriously, the best way to describe it is cutesie anything is the “in” style.

The food was amazing! Seriously! And, much to my surprise, we ate way more noodles, and hardly any rice in the areas we visited! I also tried a piece of shrimp (what?!), but somehow was able to find non-seafood things to eat for the majority of the trip!

More thoughts and info to come, but for now that is all of my random thoughts on the trip!

2 thoughts on “Overcast With a Chance of Frog

  1. qhue says:


    Don’t sweat the Spanish thing, most expats here experience that at least a little when they first arrive. Now I actually have trouble trying to think of a word in Spanish.
    There is something special about the bathrooms here but really the squatting method is way more healthy than sitting. At the zoo in GZ we used a 5-star public restroom. Once in the capital city we used a 2-star (do you really need a rating for that?).
    And about fashion, two beautifuls are better than one (even if they don’t match!). And the peace sign here is actually a V for victory. -Jared


  2. This is awesome – I love it! Fabulous title for the post as well. Now does this mean that my blue eyes trumped your pink stripe? Sweeeeeeet. I look forward to reading about your other thoughts from our trip. 🙂


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