Truly Knowing…

Everyone has things that they are completely blind to. Which, if we are being honest, is sometimes why our best friends can aggravate us, because the best of friends call those blind spots out… But then, there are other instances when it is the culture, the raising, the circumstances that we are accustomed to that make us blind.

Today I was talking on the phone with a friend, and we were discussing a couple different situations going on in each of our lives, and the best possible way to approach them and handle them. Mostly it consisted of nailing down the correct verbiage to ensure that no offense is taken in the midst of difficult and sensitive situations. One of the things we began talking about was how sometimes we can cognitively “know” something, but really not have any idea all at the same time. In some cases that is a benefit, and a good thing… In others it can be a very dangerous thing.

For example, I cognitively understand the ramifications of having absent, angry, unloving, abusive etc.etc.. parents, but I no matter what will never really have any idea the ramifications that could have on someone’s life because my parents were as far from that as they could be… That is a good for me thing, but it becomes challenging if I am faced with someone who came from that type of situation.. Because my answer can never be “I know…” or “I understand..” cause I don’t, and I can’t.

Then there are situations were there is actually a false sense of knowing.. For example, believing you are free, and yet having all sources of your education, knowledge, news, and whereabouts controlled and tracked. When you are that type of “free” and do not realize what true freedom is, it becomes an entirely different sense of what true knowing is because crossing from thinking you are free, to realizing you actually are not can be an earth shattering revelation.

Then there is the type of knowing where you have no way to logically or cognitively explain something, and yet in your very core the Truth is there. When you know something to your core, not having all of the answers does not change the fact that you know Truth… Not being able to explain in excruciating detail, while frustrating at times does not change the nature of how or why something works, it just means you yourself cannot adequately describe it.

I will never completely know or understand a lot of things.. Like why some people are treated so poorly, and the way that impacts their worldview for the rest of their life… Or the perspective that an entire people group can have simply because they have never had before… And, I will never completely know the mental games or thought process that takes place in a person who does not know Christ and did not grow up with Him to help them through painful and crippling situations… But, what I can know is how much my heart longs to love and care for those people… I pray that no amount of pain or people in my life will ever kill that desire in me. I know that there are people who have, and will take advantage of me in order to benefit themselves, but I also pray that I keep choosing to seek them out and love and care for them no matter how much I have been hurt or used. I never want crossing from cognitive knowing to truly understanding to leave me so jaded that I stop doing whatever I can to help those around me know to their core how deep, and wide, and tall, and far, and near, and great is the love of Christ for them.

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