Just Once…

**This blog post is a totally unimportant rant. Just wanted to preface that before you started reading.

I love movies. I definitely get that from my dad. I also probably have an affinity because of all of the movies we have gone to see together, and then the inevitable discussion about the movie afterwards.

A couple of months ago, I went to see The Call with two of my sisters. It was a decent movie, definitely keeps your attention, but it is tense… I mean, man was it tense! I think part of the reason the level of intensity stands out to me even still, is because before the movie started I literally had no idea what the movie was about, and thus was more than a little surprised to find myself holding my breath and entirely rigid throughout most of the movie.

That being said, I must say this:
Just once, I want to see a woman in a scary or tense movie not be stupid when facing the bad guy.
Just once I’d like her to call for backup when it’s appropriate.
Just once I’d love for her to have a weapon, and know how to effectively use it.
Just once I’d cheer for her to know how to fight well. I’d love to see her beat the snot out of him, and not just hit him and run.. only to be caught moments later cause she only cut his face and angered him.
Just once I’d like to see her make wise choices.

I get so aggravated when logical survival choices are not followed in movies.

No one in their right mind runs upstairs when trying to get away from a bad guy their own house…

No one in their right mind thinks: “I’ll call for back up later, instead I’ll just go down into this hole in the middle of a field all by myself, without anyone knowing where I am because I think the bad guy is holding someone. I. Am. Brilliant.” *facepalm*

Now, I realize that I have a slightly (ok vastly) different perspective on self-defense, fighting, and martial arts in general (thank you daddy) than most, and probably especially most women (the martial arts world will do that to you.); but, seriously, I cannot be the only one who looks at these movies and thinks, “that may just be the most unrealistic thing in this movie..”

I realize that some of my perspective of this movie, and many others like it really just stem from my view of what I am capable of, and then projecting that onto others. Yet, I feel like it also fits into the same category that people complain about men or dads being portrayed as stupid.. It’s not even close to how most things are.

Just once it would be nice to see the unexpected happen and have a woman make wise choices in a scary/tense movie!

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