Have you ever stopped to think about how much your stuff means to you?

I do, actually on a somewhat regular basis. In fact, if something is worth anything over the change in my pocket (just kidding, I don’t really carry change), I make the habit of deciding if I would be willing to give it away tomorrow. If my heart answers yes, then I green light myself to buy it. If however, my heart says no, or I find a hiccup in my reaction to giving it away, I simply do not buy it.

What would you do if you had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen from you? How would you react to having unknown people rummage through your things and take them without asking?

What if they took things that had no sentimental value?.. Would your response be different?
What if they took things of extreme sentimental value?.. Would your response be different?

How attached are you to things?

I have always kinda had the perspective “I don’t own much worth anything…” which is true to an extent. I do not own a lot of the typical expensive things… and, if we are being honest, the only reason I have a real bed instead of the air mattress I slept on for five years was because the bed was given to me…

When forced to stop and look at what I have, I have a lot of things, not necessarily expensive things, but mostly sentimental things. Mainly, I have a lot of jewelry. Not necessarily incredibly expensive to buy jewelry, but I got a lot of it from other countries, as gifts, and let’s be honest here, I have been collecting jewelry without necessarily realizing I was for more than 15 years… Replacing things like that now is way more expensive than it ever was to begin with.

I want to challenge you to look at everything.. and I actually do mean everything you own, and decide right now, this very moment, that it is all “just stuff.” None of it is more important than a person (any person), and if prompted, you would give it away… or maybe just not get angry if it gets taken from you.

My grandma always said, “People are more important than things.” Choose today to make your heart and mind truly believe that no thing is more important than even the most frustrating, messed up, and broken person.

Trust me on this one, you need to decide something this substantial right now.

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