I’m Krista B. (and that’s my husband Stephen), welcome! I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging, so I am just starting to re-vamp and begin again.

Why a DaBBling Life?

Because my husband and I met on Bumble, and both of our (different) last names started with B’s, so we joked that “Bee’s” were our thing… And, since my husband and I both love to try new hobbies, we joke about how we “dabble”  in things, exploring deeper aspects of life, but also adventures, hobbies, and of course fun things… Plus, he wants so badly to have his own honey bee’s one day!

One day we would love to have a hobby farm, and a silly little brand called “DaBBle B’s”

The Backstory:

For the longest time I used this blog to work through life things. Deeper things on my mind and heart, the aspects of life I was struggling with or just processing in general. But, little by little I began struggling to share for no clear or apparent reason… And then I found myself struggling through a lot of heartache, started my own business with my best friend, had a massive accident almost entirely cutting off three fingers, and met my now husband, and then a pandemic hit… And life just changed. My external processing shifted to journaling, friends, instagram, and my then boyfriend.

So, my goal is to reestablish this medium of processing and learning because I love blogging. But, I want this to be a fun and full place of processing and learning, not just one for the deeper things.

My hope is that this blog creates a place for you to be entertained, learning, be inspired, find kinship, and be able to say “oh my gosh me too!!”

The latest about us:

Stephen and I got married in March of 2022. We live in the tiniest little townhouse hobbit-home, and love figuring out and creating a life together. We have a two year old Great Dane, Juni that we got in an emergency rehome situation, and we recently adopted a German Shepherd mix (Shepherd, Lab, Boxer, Great Pyrenees) puppy, and we named her Skydda!

DaBBle with me (us)!

~Krista and Stephen
(and Juni and Skydda)

(Also, a sidenote, our beautiful and professional pictures are from Laura Patrick Photography from our engagement and wedding sessions! Check her out because she’s incredible, but also super fun!)

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