The Saga Continues…

So, surprisingly, I am 3/4 of my way through the last book in the Twilight series. Since I am coming to a close, and have read the majority of the saga now, I thought I would post a few additional thoughts and comments.

First, I can totally see why my father HATED these books… And, at moments, I echo his sentiments entirely. However, as a whole, I do not hate them with the fervor that he did/does. Part of that could simply be because I was actually expecting to hate every bit of the series.. so, mildly better than I was expecting is still better than I was expecting.. Or possibly it has to do with the fact that sometimes I feel like my (maybe all girls) emotions seem to battle irrationally sometimes, and this series certainly gives you a glimpse of the inner workings of a girls mind.. aggravating and all.

Secondly, Alice Cullen is my favorite character. After her, Carlisle and Esme.. But, I appreciate the less morose and depressing aspects her character brings to the story. I enjoy the excitement she gets from the little things, but how much she is an “all in” type person (vampire), whether protecting, party planning or simply because of her enthusiasm.. She makes the story more enjoyable for me.

I also enjoy Emmett’s sense of humor about everything..

Now, on to the books, plots, and other characters. In New Moon, I enjoyed the relationship that was built between Bella and Jacob, and understood why there even was such a thing as a “Team Jacob.” However, by the end of Eclipse I was ridiculously annoyed with Jacob (and even more so at Bella for that matter), and I was glad out of spite (is that a weird feeling towards a fictional character??) that they did not end up together. The mental torment that Bella put herself through and the hot and cold, back and forth drove me absolutely insane.

I mildly enjoyed the banter between the vampires and werewolves, although both Edward and Jacob’s possessiveness simply did not sit well with me. Which, could also have something to do with the fact that I am nearing my 27th birthday, and do not react kindly to being told what to do the way they both were dictating and manipulating Bella. Edward’s over protective and possessiveness got really obnoxious quickly.

However, I appreciated how eventually Edward was able to see the usefulness of having werewolves as allies, and genuinely enjoy the friendship he built with Seth due to their battle together… But, in the process was really annoyed at Bella for manipulating him during the whole planning for the attack of Victoria part…

Now that I am most of the way through Breaking Dawn, I am ready for the story to be over… The over-detailed descriptions of post-vampire-turning Bella are getting old, there is just a little too much not going on to keep me overly interested other than wanting to finish the story. However, I will say, I am glad there has been only slight hints, innuendos etc.. of the love scenes.. I was unsure how that was going to play out, but thankfully Stephanie Meyer left more to the imagination than explaining what happened. Now a days, that is a serious plus in my book (pun intended).

Yet, through it all, I still stick with my original thought that, the back and forth Bella expresses and the emotions get old after a while… And, the “self control” Edward has is even more ridiculous than the thought of a vampire (lol weird I know..). Thankfully all of the books are incredibly easy reads, otherwise I probably would not have made it.

I will say though, that throughout the whole series, there is still a (unhealthy in my opinion) draw and a significant amount of attention that this saga points out in regards to the desire girls/women have deep down in the very core of who they are. I can see very easily how any sort of insecurity in the “love” area of a girl/woman’s life could lead to an unhealthy obsession with these books, “Edward” or “Jacob” and the fact that it brings up the desire to be fought for, loved, cherished, protected, and part of a wonderful adventure… etc..etc.. Which means, ultimately the craze these books have generated really just show the level at which girls and women are wounded. That breaks my heart.

Overall, I think this series is just ok. Not great, not terrible, about the mediocre at best line..

Twilight Thoughts…

Due to one of my friends pleading.. or basically telling me I will be accompanying her to see the next edition of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie, and then me informing her that I have not read any of the books or seen any of the movies.. Two days later I had her entire series of books written by Stephenie Meyer to read… and about a month to complete the task of read them all.. Whoa! So, I am fairly certain I will post several more times on my thoughts about the story as I read through this series. But, in the last 3-4 days I have read about 3/4 of the first book, and I thought I would share my thoughts on this book so far.. and why I feel like it appeals to teenage girls.. young women.. and even older women so much, or not at all.

So, in case you have not read the books (no reason to feel guilty), the basic story plot (if you don’t know), is Bella a 17 year old girl moves from Phoenix to Forks, WA to be with her Dad… She hates the small town and the gloomy weather, but true to any girl’s dream she finds that virtually every boy in this town likes her.. but she is drawn to Edward.. (and later Jacob).. Turns out Edward is a Vampire that is part of a “family” that does not eat people because of moral reasons. Jacob is part of a Native American tribe that are actually werewolves.. (although so far, Jacob is unaware that he’s a werewolf… and is not a major role in the book yet..)

Here are the things that I can easily see as appealing about the Twilight book and love story:
It is CLEARLY written by a woman, she understands the constant battle between emotions and logic (Bella knows it’s a bad idea but is drawn to him anyway.. wants to touch him, but is afraid it’ll make it more difficult for him.. worried for his safety.. etc.. etc..). 
Meyers clearly understands the desire that girls/women have to be fought for, protected, cherished, and found more beautiful than any other girl… We love the feeling when get from those things, and in normal life (today.. or throughout history) girls/women do not feel that way much, often, or at all.
There is an appeal that this book has that makes the female reader desire to be cherished like Bella is cherished. It is a powerful thing.
I love how easy the book is to read, I am not sure if that was on purpose or a mere side effect of Meyer being a new writer.
I enjoy certain aspects of the descriptions.. like the vampires have changing eye color depending on their mood. (how cool would THAT be?!)

The things I find borderline obnoxious:
Bella’s narrative is CONSTANTLY describing him as angel like, perfect, beautiful etc… (He stood there stone like with an angel like face… His perfect face… etc..etc..) the first introduction and getting to know Edward/Bella it was fine.. (especially since it’s part of his “vampire charm”..) now that they are “together” the description is getting old.
I find their conversations amusing, but their physical contact distracting.. (I think it’s awkward that he holds her so much… cradles her in a rocking chair.. etc.. etc..)
The initial, the idea of having a guy you love watch you sleep sounds romantic.. but really it is just awkward..
Vampire or not, no one can resist something indefinitely on “mind over matter,” it is impossible (so him holding her while she sleeps is not even close to a good idea.. and really a rather stupid part of the story)

So, while the story itself is entertaining enough, and thankfully easy to read so I can fly through it rather quickly (thank you mom and dad for facilitating me to become a reader..). But, what I keep thinking about as I read this story is the appeal it has to teenage girls and their moms.. (It was all over the news) and I keep thinking about how all that really does is highlight how much women are starving for their God given roles to be a part of an adventure, loved fiercely, protected, found beautiful etc… and how many girls and women are drawn to this book/series because they are lacking in this area.

Which then brings me back to a thought, “Where have all the good men gone?” Not in an angry, frustrated, or condescending way, but in a serious, slightly sad, and honest question sorta way…