Happy Mother’s Day! Even if..

Happy Mother’s Day (weekend) to my mom​, who learned how to be such an amazing mother from her own amazing mom!


She is always full of grace and compassion, loving our family with a strength and loyalty that hits you way down where there just are no words to describe it well. Anyone who enters her life can quickly attest to the ease at which she expresses her care and love for those around her.


It is obvious in her every day life of her immense love for Jesus.


I also want to say, this Mother’s Day, more than previous ones, I am aware and praying for the women who are not moms (myself being one of them) but wish they were.

I have been thinking of you all week long. I have been trying to think of a way that I can create a safe place for your hearts to feel whatever feels they need to this weekend… I wish I had an answer or idea, but unfortunately I do not.. So, this blog post is my meager attempt.

Please know, you are cherished no matter your situation.

You are loved by many.

Whether you had a great or less than ideal example growing up, Jesus sees you, He loves you, and He knows the ache you heart experiences, especially on weekends like this one.

Please dear heart, do not lose hope for our Lord has not forsaken you nor is He punishing you. He is taking this life of yours, every bit of the good and bad, and He is making it beautiful… Even if He is first starting with the ashes of broken hopes and dreams.

Please know, even if this weekend you do not get to claim the title of mother, you are valuable. You are needed. You are loved. You are irreplaceable to so many.

I do not know if your story is of heartache or choice, but please be confident in the prayers that I have been praying over you this week. One day, it will all make perfect beautiful sense, even if it is not in the way we had wanted or hoped for throughout our journey.