Here I Go Again…

So, just over two years ago I started this blog as way to share my thoughts, feelings, and all the various ways God is shaping me and my worldview. It seemed like such a huge thing because I was packing everything I owned (and could fit) into my car and moving 4 states away to a place I was totally unfamiliar with and knew no one.

This move is not anywhere near as “scary,” but I find myself just as torn and excited about moving. I love adventure, I love new things.. especially if they take the form of challenges, and I am really exited about doing things I have never done before! I get to live in a big city that has lots of cool things to do. Riding the metro will allow me to use my commute time for Bible reading or other things I feel compelled to do in the mornings instead of driving! Also, I will probably live alone for at least a while, which I am very ok with at this point because it will allow me to feel stress free about people coming to visit.. and it will give me time and space to create myself a home-safe zone. I am excited about the new challenges and things the new job will present. There are lots of things that will be different, but enough the same that I will feel somewhat comfortable in that.

So, here I go again. Off to new things.. new place, new adventures, trials, laughter, friends, sights, sounds, smells… I am ready for God to show me what’s next, and what I need to learn and pay attention to for this next step in my journey. Right now I have no feeling of time like I did last big transition.. So, we shall see what He does 🙂 I am excited.

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