August Rush…

I cannot believe August is already well underway.. Summer has completely flown by, and shows no signs of slowing down until white water falls from the sky again!

Last night was my church’s live recording of the God Anthology album. The music was written by the worship pastors for the 9 week series exploring attributes of God.. Mystery, Holiness, Faithfulness, Wrath, Sovereignty, Mercy, Beauty, Jealousy, and Love. It was an amazing night of worship, and the more I hear the songs, the more I love them!

Tomorrow I catch a plane home to see my family for the weekend and celebrate my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. I am really excited about this weekend!

Next weekend, starting Thursday after work I am full fledged dancing.. Back in January I bought a fairly cheap ticket to the Bachata Congress here in DC. Which means Thursday evening, Friday ALL DAY, Saturday ALL DAY, and Sunday ALL DAY I will be taking classes and dancing literally until my feet fall off… I am super excited and cannot wait for all the dancing, and time with my friend who introduced me to dancing!

Then sadly I have to work the following weekend as a committee Staff Liaison. Which, is not my first choice of things to do, but it will be great additional experience for me.

Then, thanks to the alternative work schedule we are doing for the month of August, I have/will spend every day at work 50 minutes early, to get 2 days off work.. plus with the collapse day for working over the weekend, I will have a 4 day weekend that will be spent in Atlanta with my bff and her husband. I cannot wait! It has been almost 9 months at that point since I will have seen her.. and that is just a really long time for us to go without seeing each other (while Skype certainly helps.. it does not solve the whole thing).

And then we are into September… whoa. August is rushing by!

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