Great Weekend…

I am so amazed sometimes at how God works.. and even more so the people he chooses.

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend, I got to catch up with old college friends that I have not seen in years, and we played the “remember when… remember who…” game for hours about various things from college. It was so much fun, and hysterical just remembering things that we did or went through. Plus, I got babyfied. They have an adorable 3 year old little girl and twin 6 month old baby girl and boy. I got to hold, kiss, hug, feed, cuddle, get spit and slobbered on, and laugh at them all.. It was wonderful 🙂

I had a lot of great conversation throughout the weekend, and I was absolutely exhausted when I climbed into bed last night.. which lead to the FIRST good night sleep (even though it was only 8 1/2-9 hours) that I have had in about two months. I finally woke up rested.. Thank you Jesus.

I also was able to have a couple conversations about where things are, where they are going, and really begin to figure things out. No real answers were reached yet, however things are further along, and I have a real peace about where things are, no matter where they go in the future. My God can do anything, and I know that He will (and I have been praying for Him to) work things out to glorify Himself and that His will be done, not my own. Thankfully the more I pray about it the more content and at peace I am… Although, there is always the Krista side that inclines me to want to know the end instantly, but as it stands right now I am content to let things play out however they need to, and my prayer is that God helps me to see what He is doing, and that I am able to walk in a manner that is worthy of the Lord (Col. 1:10).

What a great weekend.

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