Power of Empowering…

I love my job.

Seriously. I mean, I have rough days, long days, hysterical days, unproductive days, stressful days, and everything else that can be associated with a job.. But, there is a purpose that I was made to fulfill at this point in my life, and I love it.

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to empower people to find where Christ is leading them.

I love watching it dawn on people that they can do what God is laying on their heart…

I love walking people through the process of frustration or uncertainty and fear to confidence in their calling.. How cool is that?

There is a freedom experienced in being empowered to do what you were called to do. The amount of things that can happen, the people that can have their lives changed forever because others were empowered, it is truly amazing and inspiring.

When church does what church is supposed to do, nothing, absolutely nothing can get in our way because God is working and moving through dozens if not hundreds of people. The ripple affect of that is astronomical. The tidal wave is ridiculously large, and nothing can stop it. When the Holy Spirit moves, and hundreds of people follow, you cannot help but be swept up and moved too.

I am beginning to see the positive effects of empowering people. I can feel it in my own life, I now work at a place, and for a boss that tells me to “go and do” without partaking in the planning or details. I am experiencing what it means to be trusted and encouraged to stand up and follow where Christ is leading.. And because of it, I can feel the shift inside of me… And soon, others will begin to feel the shift inside of them… God is moving, and when we are empowered, we too will move mountains and bring glory to God.

It is awesome.

I love what cannot help but come by empowering others.

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