May 1st…

May 1st is quite the day in US history, in 1945 Hitler was announced dead, although he had committed suicide the day before, and in 2011 Bin Laden was announced dead as well. Both victorious days, and days full of what feels like Justice, although really God has the last say in true justice for them.

However, today, May 2nd I cannot help but feel like we have kicked a bee hive.. like this has entered us into some really horrible things to come. I am glad for the closure it brings some people, and thankful that this can put an end to some troubling things… But, our men are still in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other places spread across the Middle East and around the world. I am proud of our military, so much so… but also feel compelled to pray for them more because this is not the end.. nor is this the beginning of the end.. This is not even the beginning. I feel like things are going to get worse… And, can I say I am really not ok with this feeling.

What I do know:
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, my God is still God.
Things will get worse as they head towards the end times.
More deaths will come, more weeping, more sorrow… and more chance for God to sweep in and comfort His children.

God will be glorified.

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