Just Say It…

Why are we afraid to say something is wrong or right?

I do not understand the aversion to stating opinions.. And why is it that most of the people who do state their opinions do so in a horrible, terrible, no good, offensive manner?.. I don’t know.

But, what I do know is people who cannot say something is right or wrong aggravate the snot out of me. I get that sometimes the answer simply is “I don’t know” but really.. most of the time YOU DO KNOW, but are too afraid to actually state what you believe. If you do say what you believe to be right or wrong, then what happens is if you genuinely DON’T know.. there is actual credence to that statement because it is an admittance of a lack of knowledge and actually takes a decent amount of humility to admit.

Going through life in a perpetual state of grays is going through life in a perpetual state of mediocrity.

Now, I am not saying that it is EVER ok to be belligerent with what you say… The greatest commandment after all IS love… SO.. in light of that, there is wisdom in timing, wording, silence, etc.. I get that, and advocate for that.. But, in a situation where it is not the time or place to state what you believe.. Just SAY that “Now is not the time for this talk.. I would feel more comfortable talking about this later..” or simply “I prefer not to talk about it right now..” nothing mean or rude about that.. but there is always a time and place to actually say (in a loving, mature, and respectful way) beliefs. There is nothing wrong with stating what you do and don’t believe, the issues always come in with the manner in which it’s communicated.

So, for goodness sake, learn to or force yourself to step out and cultivate the art of lovingly and respectfully stating your beliefs. It gives you and those around you a chance to sharpen their mental aptitude, learn something, and maybe even gain a new perspective!

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