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So, I have been thinking about the possible options for how to give away Start Something That Matters by Blaky Mycoskie. In case you do not know, I was sent two of his latest books, asked to read it, review it, hold a contest, and give the second book away. I. Am. So. Excited! I cannot wait to give this second book away and (hopefully) hear how it has impacted your life.. (kinda like a pay it forward concept)

Ok, so here is the deal, comment below or send me a message on my twitter and tell me about something that someone ELSE has done that has either changed your life or how they “did something that matters.” Feel free to get as specific or as general as you are comfortable with, but I would like to know three basic things, “who, what, and why” (who it was, what they did, and why it mattered or why it changed your life).

I am so excited to hear your stories!! The best part will be that instead of hearing how awful people are (hello Black Friday), all the stories will be encouraging and about things people are doing to help others (whether they know it or not) and I am so excited because it is inspiring all on its own!!

So, think, post (once, twice, 45 times) and tell me who, what, and why someone has impacted your life in a positive way!

Post away!!

I will choose the winner on Sunday, December 4, 2011, and send you your book on Monday (or Tuesday if I can’t make it to the post office).

4 thoughts on “Win A Free Book…

  1. Hmm, I had to really think on this. One incident that really sticks out in my mind is at a birthday party when I was a young girl, I think maybe I was 10 or 11? I share a birthday with my eldest cousin on my dad's side of the family. He was a dating a young woman who later became his wife, and we were very close knit, all of us cousins, and Michelle, his then-girlfiend and now-spouse, was also very much a part of what I considered my immediate family. Anyway, so they came to my birthday party (they are 9 years older than I), and I felt really special that they came since I really looked up to them and they were adults coming to a little kid's party. I remember opening my gift from them and being awed at how sophisticated it was – it was a leather-like journal and a trinket box made of wood. Michelle said something like, "I just go to a store and pick out what I'd like, then I know you would like it, too." That made me feel so special, like I had sophisticated tastes, plus I admired her so it was such a compliment! I will never forgot them coming to my party and treating me as a young woman instead of a kid. My cousins probably don't even remember this, but it's really the small things that make a difference in someone else's life.


  2. Well, the first person I thought of was this one girl, whom we shall call Dista to protect the guilty. I had met her while I was dating Some Girl. Dista was fun to hang out with and really caring. She had become friends with Some Girl too. Life went on, and Dista continued to grow on me some more. Then…Some Girl and I broke up after I had bought a ring and proposed. There was a lot of baggage there to work through after the break up, and there were a handful of girls who were good and caring friends that helped me remember why I shouldn't hold a vendetta against the entire female population of planet earth. Needless to say, I was having a hard time with the break up. However, this Dista girl REALLY stepped in to love me as a friend. Out of everyone who helped me recover, she helped the most. She has become one of my favorite sisters…the light tower, as my biological sister refers to her. We have cried together, laughed together, yelled together, and sat in silence together. I love her for all of that, and to top it off…she is the reason I became friends with my wife. I could never thank God enough for all the ways He used her to help me be ready to meet and marry my gorgeous wife. I could never thank Dista enough for just being real. We will always be friends…whether she likes it or not because you can't get rid of family…they grow on you like fungus! So I look forward to being a portabello in her life for as long as God gives me breath…and then eternity after party with Jesus to follow. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!


  3. Well, let me see…it is hard to pick out particular moments-my mind goes more to just certain people and their 'being there', but let me try. I do remember when my future bride and I were just beginning to date. I thought I was going to her house to watch MNF w/ the Cowboys vs. Redskins (a big deal in the Cowboy household I was stepping into). Turns out the pastor of the church they attend was there-not unusual, as they were good friends. But at halftime I went to the kitchen, and he followed me in and basically cornered me and led me through a salvation tract. I was raised Lutheran, so although I was raised in church and baptised and 'confirmed' it had never completely been spelled out so simply. Although I didn't appreciate the 'ambush' I realized I needed to rethink the way I viewed my relationship with God. We ended up being married in that church, by that pastor as his last official act as the pastor of the church (incidentally, Krista he was among the first of the NYS contingent to begin the takeover of PHBGH..yes, it's his fault we all ended up there!) I think of a classmate in college who in general was a 'look out for #1' guy, as seems to be the theme in the film school we attended and film business for that matter. But as involved in his own work as he was/is can always find time to stop and ask how I am, what I'm doing, and help out my situation if possible. Finally (and I could probably find more..but I am a terrible typist and you need to lead a life other than reading this post)I think of John L. I struggle to think of a more genuine person I've had as a friend. He has taught me loads more through example than words about what it is to be a friend, and the model of Christian man. Ex: One time we were going on a road trip-comic book convention in Chalotte NC!! We got lost-as usual- and while we were both growing frustrated at being lost amidst the anticipation of being there, I was mumbling under my breath and he said "God would help us find our way'. That sort of struck me as weird…praying for the small things. I was a 'big picture' prayer guy. But we DID find our way moments later and I realized through that small example that it's not the's alot of small pieced together. It took me a long time to catch it, but where most of us say 'I hope….', John will say 'Lord willing….' a show of where it really lays. As I say there are other examples I am grateful for-the teacher placed in my life at the right time who took a little extra notice of me and how to help (Thank you Mrs Greene 11th grade), but I thought I would just share a few.


  4. I did not personally speak with the person who began this act of "doing something that mattered". My daughter told me about her and I was deeply impressed. The lady was looking for a way to help more people than just one or two, so after some time of pondering the subject she came up with the wonderful idea of helping one person on each day of her birthday month. Nothing large, and in some instances, just a small pick-me-up to show she cared. My daughter and I were so moved by this that we have vowed to follow her lead and do the same on the days in our birthday months. What a big blessing it would be if this would catch on and thousands of people would decide they could also help in this manner. I do not know who this caring person is, but God bless her for her kindness and for sharing this idea with the world.


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